The Characteristic of Fried Bilih Fish from Tanah Datar and Solok Regency

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Nabila Auva Athiyya Bari
Rusky Intan Pratama
Iis Rostini
Eddy Afrianto


This research aim to know the comparison between the fried bilih fish from Sumpur and Paninggahan district in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This research conducted from February to June 2019 in Technology Fishery Laboratory of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Testing Laboratory of Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology. Research method is non-experimental method with fried bilih fish from Sumpur and Paninggahan area as the samples. Research parameters are chemical characteristic in form of proximate analysis, includes water, ash, fat, protein, and carbohydrate content; organoleptic characteristic in form of appearance, aroma, taste, and texture; and physical characteristic in form of hardness and fracturability. The result explains that Sumpur fried bilih fish is more preferred by panelist with the median value in appearance, aroma, taste, and texture is 9 or strongly favored. The Sumpur fried bilih fish nutrient content is consisting of 11.994% water content, 4.978% ash content, 42.067% protein, 39.47% fat, and 1.49% carbohydrate. Paninggahan fried bilih fish nutrient content is consisting of 11.237% water content, 6.818% ash, 41.333% protein, 39.108% fat, and 1.5% carbohydrate. The texture between Sumpur and Paninggahan fried bilih fish is not significant, both of them are crispy and dry. Paninggahan fried bilih fish has the highest hardness test and highest fracturability level than Sumpur friend bilih fish. The conclusion is fried bilih fish from Sumpur more prime based on proximate dan organoleptic test compared to fried bilih fish from Paninggahan which is cause by prosessing different.

Fried fish, Mystacoleucus padangensis Blkr, bilih fish, nutrient content, organoleptic.

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Bari, N. A. A., Pratama, R. I., Rostini, I., & Afrianto, E. (2019). The Characteristic of Fried Bilih Fish from Tanah Datar and Solok Regency. Asian Food Science Journal, 12(2), 1-10.
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