Production of Biscuits from Mixture of Tiger Nut Flour, Milk Permeate and Soft Wheat Flour

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Moustafa El- Shenawy
Ahmed M. S. Hussien
Mohamed Tawfeek Fouad


This study was carried out to use mixture of permeate and germinated tiger nut flour(GTNF), soft wheat flour(SWF) for production and evaluation of biscuit product. Biscuits made of 100% SWF and permeate was also prepared for comparison. Chemical composition, mixolab parameters, color attributes, baking quality, and sensory properties of biscuits were studied. GTNF was added to SWF at 10,20 and 30% level. Results revealed that GTNF characterized with its higher fiber (5.41%), fat (27.85%) and ash (3.24%).Therefore, increasing mixing level of GTNF with SWF led to increase the nutritional value of biscuits. Mixolab parameters showed that water absorption and dough stability was increased as the percentage of GTNF in SWF increase. Baking quality of biscuits showed that all biscuit samples from mixing GTNF with SWF had lower volume and specific volume than control. Results also showed that Hunter color parameters (L*, a* & b*) of biscuits were darker as mixing level of GTNF increased. This result was confirmed with the obtained sensorial results. Also, the bacteriological parameters were within the permissible bacterial limits, adopted by the Egyptian Standers, until 3-6 months of storage. Moreover, sensory evaluation of biscuits indicated that all treatments were acceptable, moreover mixture contained GTNF had superior nutritional value and could be suitable for child nutrition.

Soft wheat flour, permeate, germinated tiger nut flour, mixolab parameters and biscuits.

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Shenawy, M. E.-, Hussien, A. M. S., & Fouad, M. T. (2020). Production of Biscuits from Mixture of Tiger Nut Flour, Milk Permeate and Soft Wheat Flour. Asian Food Science Journal, 18(2), 11-21.
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