Phytochemicals and Nutritional Constituent Evaluation of Bael (Aegle marmelos) Fruit Pulp at Different Development Stage

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A. Sarkar
M. Rashid
M. Musarrat
M. Billah


Aegle marmelos Correa commonly known as “Bael,” has been recognized as a component of traditional medication for the treatment of various human ailments. The present study was focused on phytochemical screening, nutritional constituent of A. marmelos at different development stages. Highest amount of alkaloid was in premature bael (8.09±0.09 mg/g), phenols in premature bael (9.65±0.06 mg/g) pulp and saponins in mature bael(5.57±0.08) pulp. Highest amount of thiamin (B1) (1.83±0.03 mg/100 g) and ascorbic acid (48.62±0.04 mg/100 g) in premature bael pulp. Sugar content significantly highest in matured bael(6.94±0.04 mg/100 g) pulp. Most abundant mineral potassium content was maximum in (139.61±0.04 mg/100 g) premature bael fruit pulp. The nutritional constituents and phytochemicals change depending on maturation stage. Nutritional constituent changes on the effects of development of bael (Aegle marmelos) fruit. It has been found in the present study that there were a numbers of phytochemical changes occurred during different fruit development stages.

Phytochemicals estimation, nutritional constituent, minerals, vitamins, fruit pulp.

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Sarkar, A., Rashid, M., Musarrat, M., & Billah, M. (2021). Phytochemicals and Nutritional Constituent Evaluation of Bael (Aegle marmelos) Fruit Pulp at Different Development Stage. Asian Food Science Journal, 20(1), 78-86.
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