A Brief Review: Lectins, Protease Inhibitors and Saponins in Cereals and Legumes

M. D. J. C. Sandarani, K. A. A. V. Kulathunga

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Assessment of Microbial Load of Milk Shakes Available in Various Educational Institutes of Lahore

Wasim Sajjad Awan, Waqas Ahmed, Touseef Iqbal, Aniq Ur Rehman, Iftikhar Younus, Azmat Ullah Khan, Naveed Shahzad Khan

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Preservation of Strawberries Using Guava Leaves Extract

G. K. Gituma, L. G. Njue

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The Proximate Composition of Fresh and Fermented Milk in Parts of Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Y. Aliyu, I. O. Abdullahi, C. M. Z. Whong, C. E. `Anumiri, J. D. Bwala, J. S. Esimi

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Difference in Types of Freshwater Fish as Raw Materials for the Preference Level of Korean Fish Cake

Muthia Nurlestari Putri, Rusky Intan Pratama, Yuli Andriani, Iis Rostini

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