Effect of Watermelon Rind (Citrullus lanatus) Addition on the Chemical and Sensory Quality of Sorghum Based Mumu

S. T. Gbaa, S. A. Ahemen, M. O. Eke, P. O. Ochelle

Page: 1-15
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Nutritional Quality, Functional Properties and Sensory Acceptability of an Orange - fleshed Sweet Potato - based Complementary Food

Esther Kumea Ashun, Sarah Darkwa, Christiana Nsiah-Asamoah

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In vitro Inhibition of Alpha Amylase and Glucosidase of Digestive Snail Juice by Crude Extracts of Cashew Cakes

Gninfanni Silvère Ouattara, Doudjo Soro, Tia Jean Gonnety, Kouadio Ernest Koffi

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The Addition of Minced Catfish (Pangasius sp.) as a Protein Source on Tortilla Chips by Preference Level

Astri Dinnaryanti, Emma Rochima, Yayat Dhahiyat, Iis Rostini

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Nori Preference Level based on the Condition of the Raw Material Eucheuma cottonii Seaweed

Dinda Widu Ramasari, Evi Liviawaty, Atikah Nurhayati, Rusky Intan Pratama, Eddy Afrianto

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