Effect of Gum Arabic Incorporation on the Proximate Composition and Sensory Properties of Biscuits Produced from Flour Blends of Wheat and Water Yam

M. A. H. China, U. C. Oguzor, A. E. Ujong

Page: 1-11
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Identification of Coliform in Common Street Food and Associated Factors of Contamination in Noakhali, Bangladesh: A Cross-sectional Study

Susmita Ghosh, Nuvia Nurain, Md. Faqrul Hasan, Md. Maruf Raihan, Farjana Akter

Page: 12-22
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Quality Evaluation of African Eggplant Stored in Evaporative Coolers

A. A. Balogun, C. C. Ariahu

Page: 23-33
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Amino Acid Profile/Score and In-vitro Protein Digestibility of Biscuits Produced from Wheat Flour, African Breadfruit Flour and Moringa Seed Flour Blends

V. C. Wabali, S. Y. Giami, D. B. Kiin- Kabari, O. M. Akusu

Page: 34-42
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Phytochemical, Nutritional, Antioxidant Activity and Sensorial Characteristics of Amala (Phyllanthus emblica L.) Chutney

Yadav KC, Samikshya Rayamajhi, Anish Dangal, Lila Devi Shiwakoti

Page: 43-52
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Kinetics of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Southeast Sulawesi Sago Starch

Ansharullah Ansharullah, Muhammad Natsir

Page: 53-61
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