Composition of Fatty Acids, Total Sterols and Total Polyphenol Content of the Oils of Six Oilseeds in Côte d'Ivoire

Yao N'guessan Jean Claude, Adima Amissa Augustin, Niamke Bobelé Florence, Adje Anoh Félix

Page: 1-9
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Popularization of Traditional Processing of Cowpea into Couscous (Beroua) in the West (Dogondoutchi) and Mid-South (Maradi and Zinder) of Niger

Issoufou Amadou, Oumarou S. Samna, Mahamadou E. Gounga, Mounkaila A. Hassane, Abdoul-Aziz Saidou

Page: 10-16
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Sensorial Quality and Physicochemical Properties of Newly Developed Ice-Cream, with Plant Originated Stabilizer; Modified Kithul (Caryota urens) Flour

J. A. A. C. Wijesinghe, K. M. P. Manamperi, D. H. M. Nandasiri

Page: 17-24
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GC-MS Characterization of Unsweetened and Sweetened “Kunun-zaki” Beverage and Pulp

Esienanwan Esien Efiong, Jonathan Maduka Nwaedozie, Abraham Ehinomhen Ubhenin, Emmanuel Hala Kwon- Ndung

Page: 25-39
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Effect of Sprouting on Chemical, Fatty Acid Composition, Antioxidants and Antinutrients of Flaxseeds

M. A. M. Abd-El- hady, M. E. I. Elsorady

Page: 40-51
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