In-vitro Analysis of Trypsin and Alpha - Amylase Inhibitory Activities in Selected Legume Varieties in Sri Lanka

A. M. C. N. Abeykoon, H. M. T. Herath, M. A. Jayasinghe

Page: 1-9
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Salt Iodization and Urinary Iodine Concentration Levels among Primary School Children in Mt. Elgon Sub-County, Kenya

Stephen N. Onteri, Anselimo O. Makokha, Beatrice Nyanchama Kiage Mokua, Philip Ndemwa

Page: 10-17
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Effect of Different Kinds of Substrates on the Growth and Yield Performance of Pleurotus sapidus (Oyster Mushroom)

Nasir Ahmed Khan, Waqar Ahmed, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Owais Yasin, Suhail Asad, Shahzad Munir

Page: 18-24
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Processing of a Nutrient-Rich Cereal Butter an Alternative to Peanut Butter

T. T. El-Sisy, Jehan B. Ali

Page: 25-39
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Health and Nutritional Qualities of Drinks Produced in the Beninese Brewery Company and Those Sold on the Benin Market

Célestin K. C. Tchekessi, Jultesse S. B. Banon, Arthur Fagbohoun, Tchouaib Aguenou, Akim Bouraima, Pivot S. A. Sachi, Roseline T. M. Bleoussi, Anayce A. M. Djogbe, Karl T. Assogba, Paulin Azokpota, Innocent P. Bokossa Yaou

Page: 40-50
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Influence of Compounds Contents and Particle Size on Some Functional Properties of Moringa oleifera Leaves (Lam) Powders

Assiéné Agamou Julien Armel, Fombang Nig Edith, Mbofung Carl Moses

Page: 60-71
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Effect of Roasted Soybean Flour Substitution on the Chemical and Sensory Properties of Maize Flour Snack (Aadun)

A. A. Amanyunose, O. O. Olosunde, T. O. Adedeji, O. A. Abiodun

Page: 72-77
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Phytochemicals and Nutritional Constituent Evaluation of Bael (Aegle marmelos) Fruit Pulp at Different Development Stage

A. Sarkar, M. Rashid, M. Musarrat, M. Billah

Page: 78-86
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Creating Sim Flower Scent (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa) for Product Sim Fruit from Natural Materials in Vietnam

Le Huy Hai, Le Mai Xuan Truc

Page: 87-92
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A Review on the Use of Honey in the Treatment of Wound Infection

Hassana Ibrahim Adamu, Isma’il Rabi’u, Mabeh Blessing Inah

Page: 51-59
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