Abd Elmoneim Osman Elkhalifa, was born in Sudan 1965, he grduated from University of Khartoum with BSc in Chemistry and Education, and was earned MSc and Ph.D from University of Kharoum, Sudan, 1993 and 1998 respectively, in Nutritional Biochemistry and Food Chemistry. He is also a fellow of Alexander von Humboldt (Germany). Currently he is a full professor of food chemistry at  Ahfad University for Women, Sudan and deputy dean School of Pharmacy.  Main research interests are to study the effect of different traditional Sudanese processing methods (fermentation /germination) on sorghum proteins/starch and on their functional and physicochemical properties. He has special interest on the sturcture of sorghum storage proteins (kafirins) and how to make use of them according to their specific properties. His current research activities are concerned with using sorghum proteins for pharmaceutical applications. Also his research addressed the various issues regarding nutrient status of individuals and populations.